Natural Holistic Health Care – Open and Available To Help

As you may already know, we are a Holistic Veterinary Practice with decades of experience both in person or long distance, doing telephone, email, Skype, and Zoom consultations all over the US and the World.

Currently, we are well and remain open and available for telephone or video consultations. Additionally, for those within driving distance, we are still available for pre-scheduled, in-person visits. Our practice has always scheduled limited in-person appointments – one patient at a time, on our isolated gated, home property of 2 acres in the city. 

We feel that this makes us uniquely equipped for the current situation. Karen and I are here and available to continue your animal’s health care needs, provide general guidance, and we have no plans to stop.

We are taking good care of ourselves, our immune systems, and practicing proper isolation protocols (except for our clients that need to come in). We schedule plenty of time in between appointments for sanitizing but do ask that, if you have been exposed or are symptomatic in any way, you consider a teleconference (or phone appointment), initially as we can often guide you in that way. 

 Please stay safe, and perhaps knowing we are here to provide care and guidance is reassuring. 

 With Love, Light, and Healing

Dr. B

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