Importance of vaccines

Importance of vaccines

Why Pet Vaccines Are Important

As a pet owner, your cat or dog's health and well-being are very important to you. At all stages of life, vaccines can play an important role in protecting your pet from dangerous diseases. Natural Holistic Health Care is lead by a veterinarian in Miami Beach, Dr. Larry Berstein, who dedicated to professional veterinary care. If your animal is due for a vaccine, find out a few reasons why they are essential.

Understanding How Vaccines Protect Your Pet

Without proper vaccinations, your pet becomes exposed to harmful diseases and bacteria that could make him sick or even prove to be fatal. For dogs, their sense of smell and curiosity is innate, but unfortunately, it also is the reason they're vulnerable to picking up disease. Cats are known for being creatures who love to wonder. Vaccines, especially if started at a young age, prove to be an excellent way to build up your pet's immune system.

While best practice, the set of vaccines that your pet receives in the first year of his life will not provide lifelong immunity. However, this time is when he will get many of them. Then, you should continue bringing your pet to the vet at least annually. Keeping your pet up to date will keep immunity strong, so the process won't have to be restarted. Needs are different for dogs and cats, but we ensure your pet receives the proper vaccination depending on what stage of life he is in. Nevertheless, it is important to try to stick to the vaccination schedule as closely as possible, or they won't be as effective.

Safety Of Vaccines

Vaccines for both humans and pets are have generally been considered safe. Just like us, pets will feel a small pinch, and maybe a little bit of numbness for a few hours, but the benefits far outweigh some temporary discomfort.

Schedule Your Pet’s Vaccine In Miami Beach Today

Natural Holistic Health Care serves Miami Beach with superior care for our pet visitors. Our veterinary team will ensure your pet is getting the care he needs. If your pet is delayed on vaccination or you need to schedule an appointment to see a vet, feel free to reach out to us today at 305-652-5372.


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