Pet Illness

Pet Illness Care at Natural Holistic Health Care

When your pet is sick, the only thing on your mind is helping them get better. Natural Holistic Health Care serving North Miami Beach provides pet care for illnesses and injuries from a holistic standpoint. If you are looking for treatment for your pet's illness, here are some of the pet health care options we have to offer.

Pet Illness

A Holistic Perspective

Our practice is dedicated to providing whole-body wellness to pets. This means when your pet is suffering from a condition, we will treat the root cause rather than just alleviating the symptoms to ensure long-term results.

Whether your pet is living with respiratory issues, eye disease, neurological disorders, or a skin condition, you may be looking for a natural way to provide treatment. While your pet may continue to take medication that is prescribed, there are ways to provide healthy treatment alternatives that can eliminate a need for certain medications.


Acupuncture is a treatment that uses tiny needles that are inserted into specific points on your pet's body for relaxation or stimulation. Acupuncture releases endorphins which work as the body's natural pain killers. Many pet owners are surprised to learn that it can effectively treat pets suffering from a wide variety of illnesses and injuries.

Laser Therapy

Since pets can be difficult to keep still during certain procedures, laser therapy may be an effective alternative. Lasers can penetrate the skin without causing any pain or discomfort during the process. Additionally, lasers can also treat chronic joint diseases, neurological issues, and wounds that have not been healing as well as they should. Lasers can also provide pain relief and heal post-operative wounds.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies can provide some pain relief in certain situations. This type of therapy uses a small quantity of a substance to trigger an immune response from the body. Homeopathic remedies help fight against common pet illnesses.

Nutritional Counseling

The type of food and nutrients your pet eats can significantly affect its overall health. Veterinarians can provide nutritional information about your pet's food and establish a balanced diet to prevent illness flare-ups or allergic reactions. Nutritional counseling is also essential for senior pets who require more nutrients to support their aging bodies.

Emergency Pet Care & Urgent Care

Pets live with many different health conditions, just like people do. Veterinarians treat health issues like diabetes, heart disease, inflammation, respiratory issues, and urinary infections. Depending on your pets' health concerns, you may consider a trip to the emergency pet care or urgent care centers.

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