Our Mission

Many of our cases come from referrals or research done by the owner. They might have serious or life threatening medical issues, have been through specialists and numerous tests. Dr. Bernstein has extensive experience dealing with these kinds of cases, working with multiple veterinarians and looking at the big picture.

If you look at his training page , you will see that he had 20 years in conventional practice and 20 more in holistic (there was about a 4 year overlap during training). He has to stay up to date and well versed in all aspects of modern medicine. Often, a client needs the help of someone who can look at everything that has been done, look at the case files, the patient and have enough experience to honestly guide you in how to proceed.

We embrace ALL options, since we try to be, truly, holistic.

There are cases that require acupuncture, or homeopathic therapy, or herbs or medication or surgery. We leave all options on the table and are comfortable helping you make the decisions, rather than dictating the therapy.

We find that working together, as team, yields the best level of success. For this to happen, we all have to be committed.

That is why we try to work around your situation, as best as we can. Even if we are traveling, (usually conferences or teaching), we maintain contact. There are cases that need to consult with us daily during critical times (sometimes more often) and we use, phone, email, texts and even skype. When we take a case we try to give 100%.

Many times, we are the second (or third) opinion and often clients end up here desperate for something to help.

Sometimes they need guidance and compassion about hospice or end of life decisions. This is also an important part of our practice.

We believe that where there is life there is hope and have seen many cases, already written off by the conventional veterinarian, have a turnaround and many more weeks, months or years of comfortable life. This has happened many times and shown us that all things are possible.


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