Pet Behavioral Counseling

Pet Behavioral Counseling

If you're dealing with cat or dog behavior issues, you don't have to figure it out alone. At Natural Holistic Health Care in North Miami Beach, FL, we're here to work with you to provide the support you need for positive behavioral modification. 

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Common Pet Behavioral Problems

It's common to wonder if your pet's difficult behavior is normal. Often, pets are trying to tell us something when they struggle with a behavior. Sometimes a health issue is at fault. Other times your pet may need more exercise. A simple change in when you play with your pet or a new source of entertainment, such as a scratching post for cats, can go a long way in helping your pet change undesired behaviors. 

Common cat behavioral problems include: 

    • Urinating outside of the litterbox
    • Excessive scratching
    • Aggressive behavior
    • Excessive meowing 

Common dog behavioral problems include: 

    • Aggressive behavior
    • Chewing
    • Excessive barking
    • Scratching
    • House training issues
    • Pulling on leash
    • Refusal to listen to commands
    • Begging for food

While cat and dog behavioral issues can be frustrating, there's often a solution that will work to change your pet's behavior. 

Cat and Dog Behavioral Counseling

We're proud to offer cat and dog behavioral counseling. We've seen it all when it comes to tough pet behavior. We use a combination of experience and the latest research in dog and cat behavior to help you develop the skills and strategies necessary to keep you and your pets happy. 

When you come in for a dog or cat behavioral counseling appointment, we'll listen to your concerns to be sure we fully understand the problem. We'll talk about what attempts you've made to curb the behavior, and explore why your solutions might not be working. Together we'll develop new strategies that can help you and your pet live a happier life.

We know that there is often some trial and error involved when it comes to changing the behavior of your pets. We'll be with you every step of the way as we explore the solutions that will work best for your fluffy family members.

Our Holistic Vet at Natural Holistic Health Care Is Here to Help

At Natural Holistic Health Care, our veterinarian specializes in homeopathy. We’ll work with you to help you discover safe, holistic, and positive ways to reinforce positive dog and cat behavior. Visit our website for more information about becoming a client. 


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