Our Charges

A Word About Fees

Our Charges are based on the time spent on a case – consultations, file reviews, reports, emails, and calls. Our standard time fee is $240 per hour case time.

Teleconference consultations are fairly straightforward: time discussing the case and situation surrounding the case, file review and follow-up reports, email, etc. We do like to have a relaxed consultation and try to be fair about the case time versus the “visit” time.  Follow-up Telemedicine consultations are billed at $120 and usually last up to 30 minutes. We do charge for e-mail or text case guidance time, but it tends to accumulate and be added to the follow-up or case guidance time, so the 20-minute teleconference plus a few email reports and directions will usually still only be $120.

Our in-office consultations cannot be based strictly on time. Our initial consultations usually take longer than follow-up visits as we need time to get a perspective on the case. Our usual initial BASE consult fee for in person visits is between $240 - $300 unless very complex and extended. This does not include supplementary therapeutics like Thermal Imaging, Ultrasound, Laser Therapy, Ozone, herbs, medications or Laboratory. It does include acupuncture and chiropractic or other energy modalities.  Follow-up sessions are usually 200 plus the laser, etc., if needed.  We do discounts for repeat visits – like multiple laser treatments and acupuncture sessions in an initial course of therapy. We will always work to deliver the needed amount of care at the best price structure we can.

One important way to help reduce costs is to read the preliminary material in the Consultation Guide and Our Homeopathic Primer (for homeopathic clients). This helps us to avoid extra time explaining things that are already presented in these documents.


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