Pet Allergy FAQs

Has your pet seemed a little off lately? Have you noticed them scratching more or generally seeming uncomfortable? If so, they may have an allergy. Just like people, pets can have allergic reactions to various stimuli. If you live in North Miami Beach and think your pet has an allergy, don't delay; contact Natural Holistic Health Care today. 

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Are There Different Types of Pet Allergies?

You may see an allergic reaction when your pet's immune system reacts to a foreign substance. For example, your pet could have food, skin, or environmental allergies. They may also have a reaction to flea bites.

What Are the Symptoms of Pet Allergies?

Your pet may exhibit various allergy symptoms. The most severe symptom is anaphylactic shock, which causes a rapid drop in blood sugar and results in shock. Additionally, your pet may experience hives, swelling of parts of the face, red and inflamed skin, and itchy, runny eyes. Vomiting, sneezing, diarrhea, and chronic ear infections can also occur. Flea saliva can cause intense itching, particularly around the tail, leading to red, inflamed, and scabbed skin. In the case of food allergies, your pet may have diarrhea or other gastrointestinal problems. Food allergies can also cause itching around the ears and paws.

Can Dog Allergies and Cat Allergies Be Treated?

The best relief for allergies is to avoid the allergen, but sometimes that isn't possible. In such cases, you may need to make lifestyle changes to prevent your pet from coming into contact with the allergen. For example, if your pet is reacting to fleas, you can remove them from your home. If your dog has a food allergy, you can eliminate the problematic food from their diet. Your veterinarian may also prescribe allergy medication to help alleviate your pet's symptoms.

Why Choose Natural Holistic Health Care?

At Natural Holistic Health Care in North Miami Beach, we offer holistic veterinary services. Our goal is to keep your pets healthy, happy, and comfortable while minimizing their stress, especially if they have allergies. If an allergy is suspected, we provide holistic treatment options to relieve symptoms without posing additional health risks. Our aim is to improve your pet's quality of life through treatment. Visit our website for more details or to schedule an appointment.


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