Puppy and Kitten Care

A new puppy or kitten can be exciting for the whole family. Unfortunately, taking care of puppies and kittens takes quite a bit of work. If you are welcoming a new pet into your family, it is smart to stop by an animal clinic or animal hospital as soon as possible for a checkup. Are you looking for an animal hospital or veterinarian in Miami Beach, North Miami Beach City, or in the surrounding communities? Contact Natural Holistic Health Care to schedule an appointment for your new furry friend.

With holistic pet care, we step back to take a larger look at your pet, its lifestyle, and how to promote health. Various holistic treatments, including herbal remedies, acupuncture, and pet chiropractic care can help your puppy or kitten right now and in the years ahead.


Puppy Care and Kitten Care Concerns

Both puppy care and kitten care can be rather tricky. Young animals require special attention and the habits and choices you make now can affect your pet for the rest of its life. The right herbal supplements and diet, for example, can encourage proper growth and development. Let’s look at a few common animal health concerns and how holistic animal care can help.

  • A veterinarian at an animal hospital can work with you to create a diet that is right for your puppy, kitten, or other pet. Diet adjustments can make a huge difference for your pet’s health if the veterinarian notices a few signs of a deficiency or other potential issues.
  • With holistic pet care, supplements and holistic treatments can address deficiencies and ensure growth. It is possible that the right steps now can improve your pet’s digestion and reduce the risk of cancers and other diseases.
  • A holistic veterinarian can also keep an eye on your pet’s musculoskeletal system. With puppies and kittens, the right chiropractic methods and acupuncture can prevent issues later on. As your pet ages, pet chiropractic care and acupuncture could provide relief for arthritis and the like.
  • You may also notice that your pet is suffering from allergies and reactions to things around the house. Diet changes and other treatments could help. Herbal remedies can provide relief as well.

Don’t Forget Spaying and Neutering

Unless you are keeping a pet specifically for breeding, spaying and neutering are generally recommended. Not only does this ease pressure on animal shelters and the like, spaying and neutering can also improve your pet’s disposition and provide several health benefits.

Contact Our Veterinarian in North Miami Beach

With the right holistic pet care plan, you can improve your companion’s quality of life to provide many happy and healthy years to come. If you would like to learn more about our holistic veterinarian in North Miami Beach, contact our team today at Natural Holistic Health Care.


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