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Here at Natural Holistic Health Care, we pride ourselves on being a 100 percent holistic practice. This means that we take in a common-sense, natural approach towards your pet's health care and when problems arise, we look at the entirety of your pet's wellness. However, when we say natural and holistic, some people think that means we are against spay & neuter services. This is false. The following is a look at why we promote spay & neuter and offer those services at our friend Miami Beach veterinarian office.


Importance of Spay & Neuter

The number one reason for anyone to support spay and neutering is because of the extreme pet overpopulation we have in this country. Every year, an estimated 1.5 million cats and dogs are euthanized in American shelters because they are unable to find a suitable home or have developed problematic behaviors (eg. aggression or severe separation anxiety) from previously unsuitable homes. In Florida alone, recent 2018 numbers note that of the over 400,000 cats and dogs who were admitted into shelters, around 80,000 were euthanized. 

While those numbers are sad, the good news is that nearly 4x as many animals found homes in 2018 as they did in 2013. The biggest reason for this change is the aggressive spay and neutering campaigns nonprofit organizations and veterinarians have pushed. The more people who spay and neuter their pets, the lower the chance of oops or just-one-time litters. 

Furthermore, when you have an intact cat or dog, you have to be more vigilant about allowing them outside. Intact male dogs and cats can almost never be left safely off-leash outdoors without risk of them bolting should they pick up the scent of a female in heat. Meanwhile, owners of intact female cats and dogs have to be extra-vigilant about their pets ever being outside when they go into heat for risks of attracting unwanted males. 

Choosing the Right Time to Spay & Neuter

While we know that spay and neuter programs are beneficial to the whole, we do disagree with the general recommended age. Shelters and rescue organizations have moved to mandatory spay and neutering of their kittens and puppies as soon as possible and are recommended before six months when not possible.

However, a growing amount of research shows that spaying and neutering before six months for dogs can contribute to increased risk of behavior disorders and medical issues like orthopedic disease. As such, we recommend spaying and neutering at 12 to 14 months for dogs and 6 months for cats. 

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