Pet Arthritis FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Arthritis

Arthritis can be debilitating in humans, and pets are no exception. However, our pets can’t convey their feelings through words. We must notice the signs of arthritis and get our pets the necessary treatment. Read below for more details about pet arthritis. Natural Holistic Health Care in North Miami Beach, FL, is here to help. 

pet arthritis

What is pet arthritis?

Arthritis affects the joints, causing pain and discomfort. It’s a degenerative disease caused by inflammation, most common in older pets. The cartilage in the joint begins to break down, and without it to cushion the joint, the bones begin to rub together, resulting in pain.

How can I help my pet with arthritis?

Depending on the severity of arthritis and other factors, our veterinarian may prescribe several treatment options. This may include homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, medication for inflammation, or surgery in severe cases. Simple changes can be made at home to make daily life easier for your pet, such as changing the positioning of food and water bowls and adding ramps to assess furniture.

What are the first signs of dog arthritis?

Dogs may show symptoms of arthritis. These symptoms include the following listed below:

    • Loss of stamina
    • Walking stiffly
    • Difficulty getting up and down
    • Reluctance to go up and down steps
    • Lameness in one or more legs

Dogs may show many of these symptoms a couple at a time. When you suspect your dog is suffering from arthritis, a visit to our veterinarian is in order.

What are the first signs of cat arthritis?

The most common symptoms of arthritis noted in cats include those listed below:

    • Difficulty getting up and down
    • Walking stiffly or lameness
    • Reluctance to go up or down steps
    • Reluctance to play or hide more than usual
    • Stiff, swollen, or sore joints
    • House soiling
    • Poor coat condition

Cats can show various symptoms simultaneously or only one or two of them occasionally. A trip to our veterinarian can help determine if your cat's symptoms are caused by arthritis or something else entirely.

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It’s important to note that because arthritis is a degenerative disease, small but noticeable changes in your pet can become much more serious issues in the future. As a holistic vet practice in North Miami Beach, FL, the team here at Natural Holistic Health Care strives to treat the underlying causes of arthritis instead of just the symptoms. To schedule an appointment or learn more about how our approach can help your pet, call us today at (305)-652-5372.


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