Protecting Your Cat From Poisonous Plants During the Holidays

Protecting Your Cat From Poisonous Plants During the Holidays

Protecting Your Cat From Poisonous Plants During the Holidays

The holiday season is an exciting time for most households, and many homes put up plants and temporary decorations during this season. While those plants may smell nice and look fantastic, some may pose potential harm to your cat, because they are poisonous. Some of these toxic plants that you should avoid include, Poinsettias, Holly Berries, Mistletoe, Pine Tree Needles, and lily. If you are not sure about a plant's safety, contact Natural Holistic Health Care in North Miami Beach. Don’t take chances. Protect your precious furry friends.

Avoid Poisonous Plants

Don’t buy the lie that you can manage watching over your cats. In one moment, something will distract you, and before you know it, your cat will have ingested the wrong plant. Instead, you can use an artificial plant. It may not look quite the same, but you will have some decorations, and your pet will be safe as well. You may argue that all plants are risky for curious pets. However, the risk involved in live plants is much higher than the artificial ones.

Restrict Pet Space

If you must have that particular plant during the holiday and for a limited duration, then limit your cat’s roaming space. You can make sure that your pet has no access to that room and inform your family members as well.

A Veterinarian’s Emergency Contact Information

Even with the standards of care and avoidance, there remains some risk of your cat ingesting poisonous plants. Also, most veterinarians are unavailable during the holidays. As such, you need to find emergency contacts of a qualified veterinarian in North Miami Beach if something out of the ordinary happens and the pet centers are closed.

Veterinary Services in North Miami Beach, FL

At Natural Holistic Health Care, we understand how much you value your cat and would like to keep any poisonous plants at bay. If you need any assistance in knowing which plants to avoid or dealing with the aftermath of your cat swallowing a poisonous plant, we are just a call away. You can reach us at (305) 652-5372. We hope that you and your furry friend have a happy and safe holiday season.


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