Homeopathic Therapy for Animal Anxiety

Homeopathic Therapy for Animal Anxiety

It is natural for dogs or cats to experience anxiety, just like humans. However, animals can't express their feelings when upset or anxious. Abnormal stress and anxiety in pets can hurt them and their relationship with their owners. The remedy may be medications, but you can also use homeopathic therapy for natural effects. Symptoms of this behavioral disorder are; escaping, barking, destroying things, and digging. If you notice any of these signs, visit our veterinarian from Natural Holistic Health Care in North Miami Beach. Our experts will conduct a thorough diagnosis and advise you on what works best for your animal.

How Do I Know My Pet Is Suffering from Stress and Anxiety?

Recognizing stress and anxiety in pets is challenging. Nevertheless, some signs and behaviors can signal to you whether your pet is suffering from abnormal dog stress and anxiety. They include:

  • Having a tensed body, trembling, tight muscles, and panting
  • Avoiding interactions and apathy
  • Lowering the body with a crouched posture, leaning the ears backward, and tucking the tail
  • Destructive behavior like chewing furniture
  • Urinating and defecating in the house spontaneously
  • Displacement behaviors such as lip licking, air sniffing, and chewing paws
  • Attempting to hide or escaping
  • Decreased appetite

Homeopathic Therapy

Homeopathic therapy may vary from one pet to another, depending on the severity of their condition and your budget. Choosing these remedies may be overwhelming, but Dr. Bernstein can help you find the right treatment that is right for your pet. Some of these therapies are:

  • CBD Oil – Among the many uses of CBD oil is soothing the nerves and relieving joint pains. Therefore, a few food drops will help elevate the above problems leaving your dog free from stress and anxiety.
  • Treats – It's necessary to give your pet chewable goodies with a calming effect before heading to a stressful event like car rides and fireworks. However, ensure you administer natural remedies to avoid changing its personality as expressed by other prescription medications.
  • Music – According to a 2017 study from Glasgow University, music helps kenneled dogs relax. Although music didn't prevent the dogs in that study from barking, they spent most of their time lying down.
  • Brushing and Massage - Pets may develop anxiety due to scary events like thunderstorms or fireworks. A massage will help them relax and calm down. Also, brushing your pet's hair can create a strong bond, causing stress to melt away.

Visit us in North Miami Beach for Comprehensive Homeopathic Therapy

If your dog shows signs of anxiety, book an appointment with us at Natural Holistic Health Care in North Miami Beach for the best homeopathic therapy consultancy. Do not let anxiety strain your relationship with your pet. For more information on our services, check out our New Client Page on our website.


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