Happy Cat Month in Sept

At Natural Holistic Health Care in North Miami Beach, FL, we know that a healthy cat is a happy cat. That's why we are dedicated to providing pets the care they need to live long and healthy lives. Whether you have a recently adopted kitten or a senior cat, we can ensure its health is well protected through our holistic veterinary care.

Holistic Cat Care in September

September is Happy Cat Month, and at our facility, helping your feline friends maintain their health throughout the year is our goal. Whether your pet is getting started on a health maintenance plan for the first time, requires ongoing therapy, or has been referred to Dr. Bernstein to receive holistic treatment, our mission is to help by using the best approach possible.

How Our Veterinarian Can Help

We offer a wide range of services for patients with various needs using holistic methods, homeopathic care, nutritional guidance, acupuncture, and supplements. We work with new pet owners who are seeking a health maintenance regimen for their pets. We'll schedule a visit, provide an exam, and offer guidance on our general holistic approach to caring for your pet.

Other areas we work with include pets with chronic arthritis or those who have suffered an injury. We also treat pets with organic issues such as skin conditions, neurologic disorders, asthma, heart and liver disease, allergies, and more.
Pet patients diagnosed with cancer are welcome at our health care facility, where our experienced team will evaluate your pet then choose an appropriate homeopathic approach. We provide homeopathic therapy to existing conditions, help your pets maintain their quality of life while dealing with an illness, and provide compassion and support to pets and their owners through all stages, including end of life.

Contact Us for Quality Cat Care from Our Vet in North Miami Beach, FL

When your pet is in need of professional medical care, contact Natural Holistic Health Care in North Miami Beach. We will work with your pet to protect its health and prevent potential health issues from occurring. If you are looking for 'the best vet near me' or 'a veterinarian near me,' contact us today.


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