Dog Skin Problems

Dog Skin

Dealing with a dog skin problem can be very frustrating. Not only is your dog uncomfortable, but the problem can also be difficult to diagnose and treat. If you're looking for a holistic vet, our team at Natural Holistic Health Care in North Miami Beach can help you manage your dog's skin issues. A holistic approach to healthcare takes into account the whole animal, including physical, emotional, and environmental factors. This approach can be especially beneficial for dogs with chronic skin problems.

Common Dog Skin Problems

Dermatitis - A general term for inflammation of the skin. It can be caused by allergies, infections, autoimmune diseases, and other conditions.

Ringworm - A fungal infection that can cause itchy skin lesions or a ring-shaped rash.

Fleas and Ticks - Parasitic insects that feed on your dog's blood. They can cause skin irritation, hair loss, and anemia.

Hot Spots - A painful, red, and inflamed area of the skin that can be caused by bacterial infections, allergies, parasites, and other conditions.

Pyoderma - A bacterial infection of the skin that can cause red, inflamed, and pus-filled lesions.

Seborrhea - A condition that causes the skin to produce too much oil. It can lead to scaly, itchy skin and hair loss.

The Benefits of Choosing A Holistic Veterinarian

A holistic vet can provide a comprehensive approach to your dog's healthcare. This means that we will consider all of the aspects of your dog's health, including the diet, environment, and stress levels. Our holistic vet may recommend natural therapies, such as acupuncture or herbal supplements, to help treat your dog's skin problems. Traditional medicines can often be dangerous or have lingering side effects, so holistic healthcare can be a safer alternative for dogs.

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