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We Have Opened Our Own Supply Storefront to be SURE of Quality and Genuine Products

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This is the BEST source we have found and have Input into the quality and contents plus direct control into Prescription authorization from our office
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Our latest Chapter About Knees, Hips and all Joints and our ability to do Prolozone Joint Restorative Therapy and PRP
( Platelet Rich Plasma) collection and use in the same therapy sesssion.

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The Kidney, Function, Failure and Therapy - Part One and Two OZONE And Joint Therapy now Available Click Here

New - Importance of EARLY Fluid Therapy

Client Information Library has ALL our past book Chapters - WORTH THE TIME ( Doc B say with all modesty)


Our Mission

Our Mission - Healing and Guidance

Many of our cases come from referrals or research done by the owner. They might have serious or life threatening medical issues, have been through specialists and numerous tests. Dr. Bernstein has extensive experience dealing with these kinds of cases, working with multiple veterinarians and looking at the big picture.

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This site provides details on holistic care for animals including Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Phone Consultations, Referrals and related information. Dr Larry Bernstein is a holistic veterinarian ready to help you care for your animal companions in a natural way. He is trained and certified in both veterinary and human homeopathy, and veterinary acupuncture. He graduated University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School in 1977 and began studying holistic medicine in 1990, He treats cases throughout the world, writes and teaches extensively.

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